Operating Systems

Our eye gaze tracking system provides Gaze Interaction Libraries that can plug into any operating system such as Win, IOS, MacOS, Android and Linux. For those operating systems we also provide Gaze Interaction applications and fixation aware rendering.

E-commerce & Smart Shops

We are redefining the online purchase cycle through custom analytics and advanced interaction into user shopping habits by following eye gaze tracking and fixation data from product interest to checkout.

3D Displays

Using cutting-edge 3D Volumetric Visual Technology our embedded eye gaze tracking system provides mind blowing interactive experiences to consume 3D content. We work with 3D-display OEMs to provide glass free 3D-content experience.


With our eyes being the last defensible feature of our human-IP, our software provides more privacy and security, including user profiling for face detection in comparison to other facial recognition platforms within today’s operating systems.


We provide essential eye behavioral metrics to monitor driver visual attention for a multitude of safety assurances that can lead to accident prevention. We enable eye gaze tracking interface for hand-free infotainment system control and head-up-display interaction.

Touch Less Panels

Digital screens, point-of-sells, Kiosks, Billboards and Elevator control panels can all be operated using our eye gaze tracking system for simplicity and content interaction in a sterile environment by providing touchless device control.

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