What You SEE
is What You Get

Our non-invasive, AI-based Software Solution can be deployed with any Camera technology on the market today. The proprietary solution integrates with any OS and can run locally (edge-based) or remotely (cloud-based).

Our Products

To create the ultimate interaction between the human eye and the world around us.

Gaze Based
Retail Technology

Blink has developed revolutionary in-store technology to interact with customers through touchless innovations that heighten the shopping experience and engage customers in a whole new way. We are changing the way brands more deeply understand their shoppers habits.

Digital Ad
Gaze Analysis

Through Blink’s proprietary EyePression® tracking, we can provide real-time analytics to quantify a new media metric for understanding when someone has effectively engaged and read a specific ad or mention on a certain page or ad position within a website.

Gaze Based

Moving past facial recognition, Blink has the capability to further the security and privacy measures by identifying users blinking patters to facilitate a deeper method of protection across our everyday devices.

Gaze Based
Biometric Analysis

Blink is unlocking the potential for security tracking and visual acknowledgement through understanding user behavior while processing specific documents or images. We can add visual encryption of data onto your most secure files.

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